FiveM Server Unable to Resolve Dependency for http-client[]



Whenever I try to start my server, even one without any resources / scripts running it gives me the error of “Unable to Resolve Dependency for http-client[].” I have the necessary drivers to run it from the setup page where you find the server files themselves, and have tried as much as using different versions of my Windows 10 / 2016-2019 server OS, it continues to give me the issue and I am wondering if anyone has more info on what is causing it and if there is any possible solutions.


same thing happening to me idk how to fix it if i find what it is ill let you know


Same thing happening to me. Bump


I Figured out how to fix it or it worked for me atleast get the Nov 4 Server Files instead of the newest it Fixed for me.


Don’t use the latest two builds.


Thank you, those newer builds probably aren’t the best to use for a while.


The best one to use ia 838 right now.