FiveM server on vps


So I put my server on a vps by ovh and when I try and run the batch file to start it it does nothing? Does anyone know how to fix this?


Is it linux? and what command is in the batch file?


it is windows and what do you mean what command is it what I wrote in the batch file?
because if so then it is cd /d C: \fivems\cfx-server-data-master


what does your folder look like?
and your way from “desktop” or whatever to it?


what do you mean? What do you mean my way from desktop


Like C:…Desktop/Fivemserver


so like my folder title? it is just fivems


Mine is like this C:\Users\albin\Desktop\FivemServer\run.cmd +exec server.cfg


is that what i should do?


ye pretty mutch if it dosen’t work tell me


yeah it didnt work. it isnt running cmd


give me a pic
or access to the pc and i can fix it


can we talk on discord



theres a pic but if it dosnt help join the discord


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