FiveM FX Server | mySQL Databases | Help please!


Hi, I have a VPS server for FiveM, and it works fine until I get to the mySQL section. It’s a ubuntu terminal only, no UI. I’ve made an sql on the VPS, and one of the databases it has is the one I made, fivem_server.

How do I then import the extended essentials database into that SQL? I’ve tried connecting to it every which way with HeidiSQL, but no luck. Hopefully someone can help! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to connect over discord or otherwise if doing a voice chat makes things easier


Checkout this stackoverflow answer on how to import a mysql file into your mysql server using the terminal

Google is your best friends 99.999% of the time.


Just create new account with all privileges to your database ex. call it server

Do this in mysql terminal:
CREATE USER ‘server’@’%’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;

  • This thing “%” makes u can connect to this account from non specified ip.

If you want do only server can connect to account server do this:
CREATE USER ‘server’@‘serverip’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;

After that do this
GRANT ALL ON mydb.* TO ‘server’@’%’; - FOR ALL IP’S
GRANT ALL ON mydb.* to ‘server’@‘serverip’; - FOR ONLY SERVER
mydb = Your database name


Thank you so much! This fixed it!