Fivem Forums request


Hello Fivem! Can we make it so that, for IE, a server advertisement, the original poster has the ability to filter post’s, aka an approval system before it hits the thread? Just to try to filter the trash and toxic people that just get pissed that there RP is trash and get banned for it.



The thing with that is it is just another thing for the moderators to do (Which they should not need to do) :stuck_out_tongue: If people just follow the rules it would be fine.


I feel like this would cause alot of issues in the releases category. Especially if someone posts an issue they are having and ghe topic host was to deny thr post due to it making his resource look bad instead of just fixing it. I always look in the topic comments to see how many issues occur before using it.

I hope thats what you meant…


If people get pissed and are toxic, then the posts will be deleted. If there is a well constructed post criticizing your community (which is your reason for this topic), and it is not insulting, why would it be deleted? You have the ability to reply back and defend yourself, but we are not going to censor posts just because they go against your community.