FiveM Fatal Error 2


I am trying to connect to any of the NEW YORK CITY Servers (1-4) and I receive this error:

FiveM has encountered an error:

An exception occurred (c00000005 at 0x141184149) during execution of the INIT_SESSION function for CExtraContentWrapper. The game will be terminated.

If you require immediate support, please visit and mention the details in this window.

Crash ID: 43a4416d-3064-4f14-b7ec-ac79787be2ee (uce Ctrl+C to copy)

Screenshot of this error below.


Same thing, two fatal errors for me tonight while in the middle of RP’ing on the SOE Public Server 1.
First time getting fatal errors what so ever and i have gotten two in one night now.

'FiveM Fatal Error Code’
Crash ID: b22e6764-742b-4ea3-baf6-0b05a69de391


BECOUSE OF THIS I GOT BANNED name imafatmonkey