Falls often through the ground :-O


It has often started to happen when we drive around, the vehicle suddenly falls through the ground. It has not been a problem before what happens?
Is it only us on our server or?


Its when your disk is not spinning fast enough. And stuff can’t get rendered fast enough. If it happens I would suggestion going to a slower speed.


As I wrote. It has not happened before. It does not only happen to me but to several of our clients. Could it be a ‘server problem’? We are using a new computer with a new SSD HD? I do not fully believe that explanation. Okay we use ‘local / own hosting’ of the server. Everything else seems to work as it should.


Do you use map mods? Ex. Harmony Forest?


Yes we do as ‘ymap’.


That is probably your problem then.


Yes, okay, I can try to remove them, but we have used them for a long time on the server without any problems, so again why have they suddenly become a problem ??


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Okay, thanks and sorry for that :slight_smile:


Now we’ve been running our server without ‘ymaps’ for a while, but still the same problem. Suddenly and sometimes we fall through the ground. So it’s not ‘ymaps’ that’s the problem. Some suggestions please?


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