Failed handshake to server


I keep receiving a failed handshake to server to connect to port 30120:connection refused-CURL code 7. how can I fix this my friends can join but I cant connect

Failed handshake to server - Failed to connect to port 30120: Connection refused - CURL error code 7 (Couldn't connect to server)

Is there a fix for this so far? My friend is having the exact same issue.


same just now not sure wtf everything was fine.


This is happening to me too please help.



I am unsure if your issue is fixed, however, these are the possible issues.

– Steam is down, or being serviced in your area.

– The server itself is developing a connection issue for players.

Please paste your .yml file to a pastebin, that most likely will help people to fix your issue.


Here is the .YML for my friends server:

Link Removed – Proportionality

Same issue, he gets a general handshake error, with CURL Code 7. Other players and I can join the server, but he cannot join, even though it is his own.


Disable the following at see if it does anything:

- crashdet
- whitelist

Also, just edited your post as it contained your RCON password.


Unfortunately that did not work. Same error issue.


Something is blocking the connection, just not sure what.


Quick update. I found in a post from back in July/August to attempt doing a direct connect, but with the IP, INSTEAD of his own.

My friend tried this, and was able to successfully join his own server.


Then ports are most likely th problem.


I got it working by using the IP you gave I just changed the 1


I need help with this mine is doing the same thing. im not sure what you guys are saying about changing the port. can someone explain this to me?


Where does 1 find the .yml file?


Failed handshake to server - Failed to connect to port 30120: Bad access - CURL error code 7 (Couldn’t connect to server). what i need to do to fix that


Hey Where Do I find That ?LOL


were do u find your yml


Im getting the same problem with my public server, other people can join but I cant, my pc is home hosted and Im getting the handshake error. I tried wireless and lan on my pc and nothing works. do I need to port forward?


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