ESX Sell Drugs to NPCs (Weed Only)


Sell Drugs to NPC’s Original Script by Onlyserenity theres been a Vrp Edit And everyone has been asking for a ESX version ive Edited it for ESX works from gives black money removes the weed oh yes its only working for weed at the moment but it gives the ground work for more coke meth so forth all praise belongs to Onlyserenity i also have this working with outlaw alert on my server you can alert or noitfy anyway you see fit basicly

Req pNotify


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We can configure this to work with Meth ect… correct?


just add it
its no problem you will see where the weed is


Awesome man Great Work!! Can’t wait to try this out! :smiley: Keep up the great work man!! +1 All the way


thanks for the share ! (although i will delete everything what is pnotify) :’)


i have a question is there a way to show Press H to sell weed when you are near someone. How can i add it i tried it but then it just spammed Press h to sell weed and wouldnt go away


Also, you can keep selling weed without having any weed in the inventory


ok figured out my other thing how can i make it so it shows in a message that you received $amount from selling weed


Possible to share it?


what do i need to share ?


it checks for weed in your inventory


same for me i just sold weed i didnt have so something isnt right here


yeah it doesn’t check it / logic gone wrong


how can we make it check


my buddy jager pNotify is basicly this

pnotify preview


We know what it is. We remove it because were one of the few that absolutely hate it. Lol.


as stated you can notify anyway you see fit


how can i fix the issue with being able to sell weed when i dont have any


checks fine for me and those on my server this is the line

if not xPlayer.getInventoryItem({xPlayer,"weed",5,notify}) then


weird i will reinstall and restart server and try