Esx_phone translation


can anyone help me with esx_phone, how do i change the repertoire : .

We have changed everything that has to do with it and it either wont open the repertoire or it just does nothing


You just need to change esx_phone\html\ui.html at line 20


This doesn’t work…


Open ui_eng.html copy it and paste it over the previous code in ui.html and save it. Clear your cache and restart your server.

Odds are if you clear the cache and you already edited line 20. You shouldn’t need to do the above step.


I have tried this and it changes everything to English except from the contacts part which is in French still. To clear the cache I just delete the folder correct?

Only other thing I can think of is at the moment I am just running the server on local host and I have just been closing and reopening command prompt to restart the server. Am I doing that wrong or is that ok? Thanks


Having the same exact issue… did you solve it?


Never mind, I got it.

Just need to rename ui_en.html -> ui.html and app_en.js -> app.js.


Maybe someone here can help me. I got it all to change to English beside the bank app? I have looked through EVERYTHING and don’t see it anywhere. Any ideas??


Go into esx_bankerjob, go to client.lua and do ctrl + F and search for phone. There you can change it’s name