[ESX] Pee/Pooping Script // esx_basicneeds addon


This is a script that makes you able to pee and poop, if you want this with roleplay you should get esx_basicneeds and esx_status to make this fit with bars, this is all server-sided works fine at my end.

If you find any bug feel free to comment down below.


esx-qalle-needs Download
esx_basicneeds Download


When You Gotta pee
Looking for coding ideas

AddEventHandler(‘esx-qalle-needs:addt’, function(source, thingy, amount)

“t” small mistake

But good :).

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thank you :slight_smile: 20 chaaarr


Any pics? videos or something else


Video added, showing both things from both sides :slight_smile:


The video seems to not work, This is an awesome script though


Thank you, it works for me maybe its just upload lags :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure looks a lot like what someone else has released. Smh


it was released but it was put in a menu script it was not released separately


If he’s thinking of this one, it was released.


Yup. That’s the one. Works well on my server


ok well ive never seen it but its also not my release so im not worried about it lol


It’s not even close the same… you havent even checked source?

Mines Serverside, have effects, real piss, and real shit, not even close to the same codes. Check sex. So don’t accuse me of anything.


I wasn’t talking to you. He was stating that a piss/shit script hadn’t been released separately, which it had.


I meant to type it to nick kidwell


@FAXES Dis yours?

20 char



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So its added, I can see when i start to type /pee it comes up but my ped does nothing?


Noice work, lovely…


Is this compatible with RP Chat for ESX? Noticed I cannot get it to do it.

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