Hello here!

Today i am releasing the script esx_infoillegal. This ressource is originally not from me, but i did change some code to make it more realistic and more difficult to find de guy who is selling illegal info. Just look at the config file to edit to yuor needs!

original script: esx_infoillegal esx public gihub
script modified by me: esx_infoillegal modified by me

I added more illegal stuff like meth, opium and coke.
The blip on the map spawns only when opening hours.
Some little changes.

maybe next to be add, an npc spawn when opening hours…


new update, if you put more then one location for illegal info, it will spawn randomly


hello thank you very much for your script. for me the points on the map appears good but impossible to interact when I go on site


impossible to interact ?

do they appear randomly ? You were in right location?


Im on the POSITION but nothin happend. :frowning:


bizare … hmmm looking for it but works on my server… here is old version while i check what’s wrong.
you go where marker is and got no interaction? is that it ?

old version : esx_infoillegal v1.0.0


yes I have only one marker that works the others do not do anything


you all did go on the right hours ?


I set the open time 01 and the closing time 24 and I only have one that appears. I disabled the horraires, everything appears but only one works


yea 00 not 24 hour …


I have hours disabled. But stil not workin.
The first version works fine.


in newest version hours disabled doesn’t work atm


Could you somehow send me link in private message i really appreciate your work on this, is there chance to have it ?


The link does not work and returns a page not found.

Please amend this issue.



The ESX-PUBLIC github link still works to get it. However, the OP should get rid of the bad links.


you can close this thread, because won’t share it anymore