ESX Car Boost/Nitro



Simple script I put together in 5 minutes to practice my abilities with LUA.

Use it to have fun or to learn with it, up to you.

Link here:

Video showing how it works, kinda cinematic thing.


This is just for ESX , nothing for vRP ?


No longer using vRP thus I’m not into it, might make it if I get bored, but won’t be hard to adapt for the rest.


Thank you it’s a nice script.


Hey ! Where can i found this bmw? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s on GTA 5 Mods.M3 F80


Not working… How can i get it to work?


Are you using ESX and followed the instructions?


Yes, i have. I click “USE” but nothing happens…


You need to press the “E” key in order for it to activate…
Did you even check the github readme?


Yeah, i clicking E but nothing happens


Can somebody give me that animation names ? On the start of the video.


Can make for vrp please?


update for vrp please ?


No just no please no


where do i purchase nitro`?


Hey, @hypr9xa! Really great resource, it’s just one thing. I’ve change it to boost RPM instead of “static” speed change, but somehow, I need to restart the resource everytime I join the server, the get it working.

Do you have idea why is that? I am new in whole scripting in general, so every advice will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Cool release man, I’ve searched for something like that. I like an idea with buying nitro in shops.
Can you put something like exhaust trail or fire just like in NFS games? It would be epic :smiley: