Error when updating


So I just downloaded FiveReborn and when it tells me I need to update I click yes then this message shows up.

Downloading of
failed with CURLcode 0x12

And I know other people had this problem, and were told to delete the GTA_V_Patch_1_0_505_2.exe in the cache folder. But when I go to the cahce folder, it’s empty.


Same thing here, did you find a fix to it?


Run it as administrator.


Nope, still waiting for an answer. I tried restarting five reborn multiple times, but still comes up with same error.


@Melody for some reason the download stopped at 41MB (out of 482) :frowning:


@Melody Yeah I only managed to download through the browser. The download speed is incredibly low too


The updater is under heavy load. Please try again shortly.


@Boss Ok, thank you!


@Boss what folder should I place it tho?


Doesn’t matter… just run FiveReborn.exe it will keep trying to remove it


@Boss so keep restarting it until it works?


When i try to run it as administrator it says it cannot work with elevated privileges. i keep getting the CURLcode 0x12 error i have tried reloading it several times with the same thing.