Error CurlCode 0x10


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GTA V version? Lastest
Up to date?
Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? Steam
Windows version? Windows 10
Did you try to delete caches.xml and try again?
Error screenshot (if any)
Please help me :slight_smile:

CURLcode 0x10c
Errow trying to install
CurlCode 0X10 patch failed

Same here, this error message appears at 90% of the installation


Me too !
is very strang cuz i delete 2 time fivem and now i cant install -_-


Did you download the game recently, Like Today or Yesterday ? if yes, I think I have the answer to our problem


I have uninstall the games recently and I wanted to reinstall it and the problem is sourced


I figured our what to do with this.

First of all, go to the link: and download it.

With this patch, open it and let it do its work. If it opens and says “Sorry, Grand Theft Auto V not installed…”, follow the steps of this video:

Once the patch has installed (using either method) just restart the download for FiveM and it should work. I spent about 5hrs this morning getting it to work and it did in the end. I hope this helps

[NEED HELP] Installation Problem

ALRIGHT, I know the answer to our problem, and thats the fault of rockstar… See FiveM is using the 1103_2 Version of GTA 5 , but the last version of GTA 5 (the one we have) is the 1180_2. But Rockstar don’t save the updates. And because we downloaded the game recently, GTA 5 Don’t have the 1103_2 version in the folders… Because we never played it, so he only have the last version in mind… I know it’s fucking hard to explain, but what we have to do, is wait for FiveM to update to the last version…


Oh alright… This should go quicker :smiley:


Thanks so much, my problem is fixed :smiley:


how ?
problem fixed ?


LAG, i am having the same issue. I am downloading the file Foxy recommened to download.


Did the files that foxy recommend work?


for me no its not, are you still having issues


Please, explain what you did to fix it


Make sure your antivirus, and others such as windows defender are off. This fixed my issues.


Thank You so much Foxy, This worked!!!



I did all of this and it still say GTA not installed… Any ideas???


honestly i fixed it using his method, though i would just wait a few for rockstars servers to get back to normal and then download fivem


Doesnt it take 2 weeks after an update?


Thank you so much for posting this it really worked for me to bad it took me 14 hours to find it. but once i did it was a fly through thanks