Emergency Lightning System still works?


Hello FiveM community!

Since a week ago I started a new FiveM roleplay server. I have been a member in a bunch of diffrent clans. So I decide to install ELS on client side. So I tried to install ELS on my client to see if it worked. But no, it dont. The lights worked, and the box in the right corner (CTRL+P) worked but not the sirens. I have tried to even use a client side ELS setup from a clan I quited for two months ago but it still wont work. And I know that it worked for two months ago.
I really hope someone know why this wont work anymore.



ELS Is a server sided modifacation that many different people have made variations of here on the forums.


Could you link some, I only found MrDaGree’s. I have tried that but I don’t really like hes ELS. But do you know some other that are next to identical to the LSPDFR ELS?


Might be a little of a pain to setup, but worth it.