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I need help on where to put the. .XML file and where to put the resource .lua please help thanks


All direct support is provided via the discord as we can answer faster and have helpers capable of assistance when the developers are busy. Our FAQ is also there to assist you as well. All updates are done now via CI so we keep it unattended.


what is this? im curious and there is not really any description


where is the installation guide?
it isnt self explained?


Click on Latest Version (279), once its installed

  1. rename the folder to els-plus then put it into the resources folder.

  2. make sure to add “add_ace resource.els-plus command.add_ace allow” in your server config.

  3. for the vehicles in resources.lua add “is_els ‘true’”,

  4. in resources.lua you need to add the xmls it should be as follows (this is an example iti might have different things).
    files {

  5. Finally make sure the xmls are in the main folder of the car pack example, FXServer > Resources > MyCarpack (they should be dropped here).

i had this issue at first i got confused big time.


Thanks I got it @ray511


I have a " ressource time warining " It takes up to 30 frames per second. But I dont know why.
The Fivem window tell me I should contact the server ownern… so iam the server owner :smiley: Nobody else has the problem.

So anybody has a solution ??? Pls help me


From my understanding that pops up when there is lag or delay from the server and your connection and viceversa.


Send someone ready file with castom cars donned, of course, I change on my own but I can not do it very much please. Thanks in advance


Apologies if I’ve missed it but is there anyway to get this working server side? I have seen servers using ELS but when i add this to my server I get a very dim lightbar/lights.

e.g - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4SiRa9Qb40&feature=youtu.be


Dumb question, where do you put the vcf’s?


How to add ELS Vehicles to ELS-Plus

  1. Create add-on/replace Vehicle with stream folder and relevant files.
  2. In __resource.lua of that add-on/replace vehicle add the VCF xml file to the files list.
  3. Make sure to validate the xml file to avoid issues with vehicle not showing up.
  4. Add is_els ‘true’ to bottom of __resource.lua.
  5. Restart Server
  6. Profit


i have same arrowboard but is don t working


So when I am in the car, I can no longer press F6 to change the skin or F7 to add extras. This only happens with els plus cars.


Where do i put the vcf’s there is no folder for them


In the wiki it explains how to add new vehicles with its own vcf


I dont like the one person that ignores everything but where is the wiki link?


I tried to install this resource in my server but it wouldnt work, can someone explain to me a clear way to install this in my server. I would appreciate it


I would be happy to help dm me and I will get back with you by tomorrow


ELS was needed in FiveM for such a long time.
It’s almost a requirement. Thanks for releasing this as it works without bugs and doesn’t lag the server at all.

Continue the awesome work!