ECRP, Accepting all positions, DOJ CAD, DOJ Tool Box/ DOJ M Menu. Looking for members! (looking for a DEV)



East Coast RP has been serving the public since early 2016, Having a place where people get together is one thing. Having a community that is built on the love of gaming is another. Most importantly a fan base of people watching and enjoying our content. This is your chance to further yourself and become apart of the future.

We have DOJ’s Exact CAD/MDT, DOJ’s Tool Menu,DOJ’s Radar

Openings for ALL roles, All EMS spots,Civilian.

Patrols Daily

Looking for DEVS(To make scripts,Cars,Skins,Peds,Models,etc…)

Everyone is welcome (Age 13 or older, Its the law)


We would love a DEV to make some skins for us!


Need new discord and yes joining


If DOJ was not here what would you do ???


This is a 4 months old post bud.


he has some weird obsession with people that mimic doj or have it in there name.


NEW Discord link?