EasternRP Official server launced!



I am one of the two owners of EasternRP, our server is a menu-based server and uses an online CAD sysytem thats user friendly.

Have you always been looking for a server that doesnt get angry easy and allows alot of creative roleplay ? Then this is the server for you!

  • Whitelisted : Police (State Police), Tow and EMS
  • User friendly CAD system
  • Looking for developers
  • Realistic custom cars
  • A discord : https://discord.gg/VhdXnWX
  • Looking for active members to fill our lovely server
  • Graphical designer : @OFFICER_KRAZZY
  • CAD developer : @Aethbrine
  • 2 owners
  • 4 admins

Currently we have arround 13 people in the discord, but noone joins the server because they are all waiting on someone to join the server and if everyone thinks that… well you get the point,

So are you willing to be a part of this lovely community and are you willing to grow us.
Join today!

Best regards,
The staff of EasternRP