DOJ Cars


Does anybody know which cars or pack doj uses for the sheriffs department?


there custom made for there community the cars they use


oh ok but do you maybe know any good sheriff vehicle pack that isn’t captain14 pack?


yes but you would need to download this mod [vRP Framework]-[Dunko Edited V6.2 - FX Server] UPDATED 10/11/2017 - Supports 12 languages and get the cars from it there are lspd sheriff and state police in there


do i need to have vrp or can i just get the cars?


No you don’t need vRP mate, the cars are in the pack.


Yeah thanks is there any way of knowing which cars are what in the packs like maybe any original pack links or screenshots?


Not screenshots no, but you can load the pack up and spawn them to see, they are just replacements of the police vehicles. You’ll find them in [Police Vehicles] folder.