[Discontinued][Release][1.1.4] Scorpion Trainer (FlatracerMODs Edition)



No, this just works, when a serverowner installs it on his server!


I have pretty strange issue.When I install this mod all players turn invisible(model changing doesn’t work)


I just discontinued working on this. I recommend to use the Mello Trainer which is way better than this. I will not fix bugs or update the trainer anymore.

Use this instead:


Sad to listen this news…


Yeah, I just don’t have the time anymore. Also there is a much better trainer, called Mello Trainer.

Edit: Reboot Coming


how can i change the hotkey?


Hi! forgive me for this being a stupid question, im new to all this, but does this work WITH Vmenu or does it replace it? im just looking for a menu that works with Vmenu so that our admins can use animal PEDs


fyi, this mod is discontinued. And it also has nothing to do with ‘replacing’ vMenu.


i see, do you know of a menu just for animal PEDs that works with vMenu


you can enter the names manually into vMenu, but like i said before, animals often crash the game (especially if you die as an animal). so i’m not sure if you think it’s worth it trying that, since godmode doesn’t work on some animals.

and no i don’t know of any other menus that do ped/animal spawning.


so i could just spawn the ped by name in player appearance? if so know where i could find a list of the spawn codes?