Hey there,
We are looking for some development in our community. We have some of the basic stuff down and a great base to start with, we just need someone that knows what they are doing and is willing to help out getting this going rather quickly we have a huge list of bugs and suggestions and we would like to get those worked in and worked out, If you are interested please get ahold of me on discord and we can have a sit down to discuss any further things about our server and our community! I look forward to hearing from some of yall, and remember if you are not skilled please do NOT waste my time
Thank you,
Bob Logger

DISCORD: BobLogger#8884


i can help, i’m one of the most experienced sev you can find, hmu


Appreciate the reply and the conversation but asking for our files off the get go NOT gunna happen :stuck_out_tongue:


are bumps aloud? im not having much luck finding devs if anyone knows what they are doing please get with me


ik what I’m doing @Boblogger


get with my on discord we can discuss what we need and what we are looking for and im going to need to see some sort of work youve done


Hello world we are still looking for a experienced Dev!!! we need help someone that knows what they are doing please get with me on discord