Developer looking for big community


I am a new FiveM developer looking forward to create new and unique server plugins for a great community that is willing to enjoy them.

I have just started with Lua and FiveM less than 2 months ago and I already created the most unique weed system you’ll ever see on a FiveM server.


Hello there! we are very interested if you can modify esx so it doesn’t look like esx that would be great.
we can give you a tip if you help us :slight_smile:

discord Johny Brown#0122



Hello mate, i like your style in scripting. We are new community and we opened our Beta server beffore 5 days and already we have 32 players. I worked little bit on script but i need one serious guy like you to fix bugs and make script great because you are so creative. I would offer you to be server owner with me. On our server are playing very popular streamers and youtubers in our country. One of theese youtubers which are playing on our server uploded video and that video got more than 100k views so server got alot of new players, we will need to open another server and we need help with script and stuff. If you accept, for the start we wanna see what you can offer to us with editing and making script and then we also can talk about donation in money. Thank you anyways and you are good scripter.



hey we are looking for a developer for a new server my email is if you interested