Dev wanted for an Australian server


Hello all,

very new to 5M and struggling big time.
I am after a dev to jump on board and show us the ropes, we have a dedicated server and want to get a RP 5M server happening.
So far we have the server up and running but we want to do so much more with it.

This is a long shot but it would be great if someone wants to be apart of a great team and also teach their skills to us :slight_smile:


Hey Lukeh,

I’ve been deving on FiveM for a couple months on a now closed aussie server. Unfortunately due to a few bad choices by the owner the server sort of just ran out of players.

I’m not an expert FiveM dev by any stretch, but I had been working on our previous server pretty much full time for 2 months up until last week. I know my way around FiveM really well and could certainly get a server up and running, add in your choice of plugins and customise police/ems however you like. Luckily the framework of FiveM is really simple, anyone with somewhat of an understanding of computers could get one running in a basic form.

You said you already had a great team and that is something I would like to be a part of. My previous community has sort of burnt their bridges with me and I’m looking for a fresh place where my work can be appreciated.

I know I may not be your perfect match but I could certainly help. Hit me up on email to discuss further if interested.


Hey bud,

I am on TS at the moment if you want a chat

Otherwise i should be on over the weekend.


FiveM is mainly on discord. But I can install TeamSpeak. Do you have A discord? Otherwise I’ll jump on your TeamSpeak tomorrow night around 7pm AEDT.

Unfortunately fucked my microphone yesterday. I won’t be able to speak but I can type. At least until Wednesday.


OK no worries

You will see my room StoRm just poke me
Room is right down the bottom