Desertside Role-Play Wants You! |Hiring Police, EMS and Tow|


Do you want the ultimate roleplay experience where your mind can make all types of bizarre and amazing characters? Do you want to rob banks with a crew? Do you want to have fun with people and make long-time friends with people? If so, join Desertside RP. Desertside RP is a new Roleplay server where your mind id the playing field. Come join our Discord, apply for all kind of ranks and rank up! All you have to do is put the effort in! We have the best staff out there and we love to roleplay and we hope you do too! We have our own CAD/MDT! So come on down to Desertside where the times are fun, and the players are awesome! For more information and an invite link to the Discord, PM Zirfx#9059, Dolus?#7828, or Fatboy_chris#0619



We have added many custom vehicles and outfits recently that you will all love! Civilian vehicles are coming in the next few days!


Your also copying what alot of servers have so you cant say they are custom


You realize a lot of other servers do the same thing as I did. If you have a problem then you’re gonna have to deal with it.


I shut mine down as I was tired of you guys putting the same stuff in just after I did


Or is it the fact that your server only had 8 members on it? Or was it less? And when you rushed to get all the files off of the server before Chris shut it down we’re the ones who are copying?