Department of National Security Enforcement




Hello and welcome to the Department of National Security Enforcement. Are you looking for an exciting career in protecting the interests of this great nation of ours from the homeland? Do you hate how the nation is being abused by criminal elements of all kinds but can’t do anything about if? Well now you can, the National Office of Security Enforcement has created a new sub-department within its ranks known as the D.N.S.E or Department of National Security Enforcement. Our primary role and mission is to make sure that no illegal activity is left unpunished in the nation. We are comprised of three primary agencies that were previously solely apart of NOOSE but have been assigned to us:

Patriotism and Immigration Authority: This agency is primarily responsible for keeping our borders and entry points into the country as well as check on and detain possible suspects that are not citizens of this great nation.

Jingoism Enforcement Agency: The Jingoism Enforcement Agency mainly works alongside the P.I.A.

Tactical air and waterway support: T.A.W.S or Tactical Air and Waterway Support is our air and waterway protection agency that makes sure that no one is trying to get into the countries through ways that would allow them to bypass the legal immigration process. These agents work with agents and officers on the ground and at sea to help coordinate and take down these unwanted persons and return them to a port of deportation for further processing.

If any of these agencies sound like they would be right up your alley then feel free to join us on our teamspeak server ip:
Thank you for your time and we hope to see you keeping this great nation of ours safe for future generations.

We are in need of agents and command staff so if you wish to join and take a command position please feel free to join us.


One of the many vehicles we are going to be using for patrols.

This is Field Operations Division:


We are still in need of many high command positions and agents as well as officers, please join as we will accept any age to join this clan.


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We are offering the first 20 people that join our department a leadership position no tricks, no nothing, just join the teamspeak and talk to the director of the department and bam your good to go, easy and simple as that.

So join us today for quality roleplay.


Join our teamspeak, clan owner is online and awaiting your interview, so what are you waiting for? Join today!
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