Demande de dé bannissement



Bonjour suite a un bannissement pour avoir cheat sur un serveur , j’ai utiliser volontairement ce cheat pour m’amuser avec mes amis , je n’ai pas fait n’importe quoi , je vous demande si vous plait de me debannir je ne recommencerais plus je vous le promet parole d’hommes j’ai compris la leçon voici voici mon steam id qui est ban : a5faafb8-b68b-42be-a626-49c9cff8320c.

merci d’avoir lu et pris le temps de lire mon message bonne journée

Hello following a ban to have cheat on a server, I voluntarily use this cheat to have fun with my friends, I did not do anything, I ask you if you like to deburb I would not do it again the more I promise you word of men I understood the lesson here this is my steam id which is ban: a5faafb8-b68b-42be-a626-49c9cff8320c.

thank you for reading and taking the time to read my message good day


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You cannot cheat on FiveM. Period. Doesn’t matter if it’s with friends or not. It also says that your ban will not be discussed and no one can assist you.

If you want to continue to play FiveM, I suggest you never use the cheats again and wait out the 13 days.


you’re banned, the cheat on fivem we hate it. you just have to cry.


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