Death Takes Everything


Hi, is there a way so that if a person dies he loses everthing ?

I remember when i playd Fivem a while back that if you die you would lose your items in your inventor and also your License .

I wanted so that if a person died in my server he loses is items ( food , cash , weapons , drugs ,etc) and also is License ( Driver , gun license) .


Are you using any resource for death?

Config.RemoveWeaponsAfterRPDeath  = true
Config.RemoveCashAfterRPDeath     = true
Config.RemoveItemsAfterRPDeath    = true

i would say ambulance job


but does it remove the license ?


Looks like there isn’t anything in esx_ambulancejob to remove licenses, you might have to add those lines of code yourself


ho :open_mouth: will try :blush: