Custom Weed Loading screen



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Hello here I want to change the text of the loadscreen what file should I modify?


Edit the Index you well find the words and you can edit them


the pinnacle of custom loading screens


Yes 420 every day lllolooloolol


did that help at all


I put files in myserver , I modified the name , And I have errors in my console


A screenshot or video should be nice :slight_smile:


/me Rolls one and passes it ThinOps


sorry im going to add one


what errors do you get


what loading screen do you guys want next:man_mechanic:


Can you make something like this but with black&white screenshots of GTAV map on background and obviosly characters from GTAV/GTAO? Like agent 14, cops, losts, random peds…

Or simple slideshow with fading in and out pictures or something like GTA:SA had.



how do we install it


Does this still work with new servers ???


doesnt work


This is just a modification of the ‘keks’ loading screen. Which I believe that as of now (2019-01-19T00:00:00Z) these are not allowed to be posted.