Crouch 'n Prone - Crouching and Proning for Better Tactical Gameplay



A resource originally created by @WolfKnight and modified/improved by me, this Resource adds proper Crouching and Proning for the tacticoolest feel in FiveM.

But, what does it mean?

This Resource allows the user to crouch and prone with their weapons to gain a tactical advantage over their enemy, sadly, sniper scopes do not work as of now, same thing with first person, but hey, it’s a start!

This also supports proning from running, the character will throw himself into the dirt!

Default Keys

CTRL - Prone
C ( view behind ) - Crouch

Both are customisable via the client.lua file.

Download and Installation

You know how this goes, nothing special.
get it here:


Wolfknight for his original attempt at the Resource
Me for well… yeah.
this mod for inspiration

Have Fun and don’t forget: hardscoping is for noobs!




brb gonna run and prone right into oncoming traffic. 10/10


Thanks a ton, was working on a script earlier and wasn’t finished… :mascot:


Just tested with a group of people when aiming with guns it does not sync with other people and when you shoot you don’t hear the others gun sounds


Do you need to be holding a gun to prone? I tested it and i cannot prone. Didn’t test with a gun


huh, does walking forward while proned work? as that seemed to sync just fine when i tried it.

Yes, unarmed proning didnt properly work so i didnt include it for now


Y u no @ me fam

My gamemode legit needs this lmao

+1 for the big sexy



going to hide this till i got sync figured out then, if standstill proning doesnt sync, no point in having it public :s


Whelp it was good while it lasted lol


Yes we can see each other moving when proned with a gun but when we aim guns others instantly stand up but they can see themselves on the ground


@Blumlaut When you are prone without weapon it works fine just when you have a weapon out it does not sync. Maybe you can take out the weapon part for now then find away later to sync the prone with weapon.


well thats just confusing then, it should either not work at all or work completely :s


True that! (20Chara)


Dank topic Mr Blu :smiley:


there, got it to sync somewhat at least, arms will be broken but shooting works, thanks @Jake.ryan for testing it with the friends i dont have :frowning:



Video demonstrating the “fix” please beware of your broken arms, also, use a crosshair.

oh, and it may not work on all guns, i’m not sure why.


Posted another issue on github