Convert GTA5-MODS cars to FiveM Resource


Hello, I recently viewed a text on how to convert any gta-5mods vehicle to a FiveM Resource however, it made no sense to me. Can someone simplify it for me, it would be great.


Moved to #development:scripts as this is not a tutorial.


I can show it for you, in under like 30sec.

Might makes it easeir for you.


Yes plz. How u wanna show through Discord?


Sure. (20 charrrrrrrr)


Sorry for the late reply, my discord is ZINKS123#1042


As an Addon:

Create entries in vehicles.meta, carvariations.meta, handling.meta and add a vehicle_names.meta
put them into a resource\stream\ folder
Create a __resource.lua file pointing to the data files you created above

As a replacement:

put them into a resource\stream\ folder

That is the short and sweet. There are plenty of topics discussing in further detail the above concepts.


Thank you. [characters]


There’s a program someone made that can do all this for you. Idk where it’s at but it’s around some where


Do you know what it’s called?


Not right off but if you google auto add on car maker fivem or something similar it might pop up


Check this video i learned from here.


I watched that but all the modifications didn’t work. Thanks anyway mate.


Check this topic, i explained how to activate the modifications:


Thanks. [20 characters]