Controller buttons overlapping lambda menu buttond


when i press circle button (red b button)(xboxone controller)when the lambda menu is open it tends to punch aswel as going back in menu .
when i push down in lambda it tends to call admin in game VERY ANNOYING so when in menu i have to push up through whole list .(unless i turn to my keyboard for ease of use)
but prefer using contoller as its easier to drive an aim run etc .
also when lambda menu is open it is hidden by chat window if lambda was moved down more or i had the ability to place were i prefred that would b ideal.



This is not a bug report for an issue related to FiveM.

Lambda menu does not have controller support in the first place, so not sure why you’d expect controller keybinds to work fine with Lambda Menu in the first place.

Not sure where your chat window is, but Lambda Menu opens op on the right side of your screen and the chat is (by default) on the left side.

Seems more like a feature request than a valid bug report. Please request features like this/request support in the original Lambda Menu topic instead of creating a post in the #general-discussion:bug-reports section (meant for FiveM bug reports ).