Constant server crash


Operating system: Windows Server 2016
Artifact version: 1422
IP address:
System specifications: i7 6700 16Gb RAM


Summary: Constant crashing on random times, can’t find the trigger for that
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior: Server crashes creating a dump file
Steps to reproduce: Can’t reproduce
Server/Client? Server side 128 slots
Files for repro (if any):
Error screenshot (if any): no error
.dmp files/report IDs: File attached!oXwykYhC!xiXtAj8ohs5Dg6Tj2u1OsXsAUm2OQhOReAzzLtNQFOQ

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Same problem ! Anyone to help?

The particular crashes in this topic should have been resolved as of build 1457.

@ytterbium same problem at lastest artifact bro!xh9WyahL!N7spjn5HwB2GBK9ua9BmTFrcOUxPqBs9Y8cISyWfiYg

That’s because you didn’t have the ‘same problem’ as the person originally posting this topic. Also, stop calling random people ‘bro’.

Your issue needs a procdump to figure out what went wrong.

Hi @natrium,

I was in vacations and the person who is asking for help in this topic is working on the same server as i do, so, technically we have the same issue since it is the same server crashing.

Anyway i will follow your recommendation about the procdump, thanks for that

Best regards,

There’s any tuto on how to do a “procdump”?