Connection mysql c # exception loading assembly MySql, Data


Hello everyone
I am trying to make a connection with mysql through C #

I am using this mysql connector

but I get this error on the console…
Exeception loading assemly MySql.Data: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: unable to find the specified file.

the dll compiles normally, it loads and executes the functions normally except when I’m going to use some mysql function (example: MySqlConnection) if I undo MySqlConnection the dll returns to normal operation



console screenshot


You cannot interact with a remote database via the client.

You will have to handle all MySQL interactions server side


Wow, that’s right, I had not thought about it
thank you


tentei pelo server, mais agora recebo estes erros

script directory


I tested with the dll of the GHMattiMySQL ‘MySqlConnector.dll’, everything everything works normally, someone leaves to explain to me why?


Some of the dependencies of MySql.Data.dll and the normal MySqlConnector are not in the mono alpine version that FiveM uses (For example TLS/SSL). At least for windows this is the case. Thus, GHMatti stripped down MySqlConnector so it works with FiveM.


but I can not carry these dependencies?