Connecting two instances of fiveM to the same server


I would like to set up a split-screen environment for GTA V with one pc.
My idea would be to start two instances of fiveM connecting to the same server

My best approach right now is this:

  • I copied my GTA V steam folder to another folder so I have my game folders:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V Copy1
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V Copy2

  • I copied the FiveM Folder so that I have:
    C:\Users\tobil\AppData\Local\FiveM 2

  • I changed the citizenFX.ini of the two FiveM configurations to contain their respective installation

I am running one of the instances with Sandboxie and the other without Sandboxie. I can run both instances at the same time and connect to two different servers without problems. But when I try to connect both of the instances to the same server, I get the following error:

I tried another server with the same result.
Here is the logfile of the second instance trying to connect:
CitizenFX.log (87.5 KB)

Does anyone know what could be causing this? Are fiveM servers blocking more than one connection from the same Mac or Ip Adress?

Version: Current, since steam automatically updates it
Legit or Pirate copy?: Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? Steam
Windows version? Windows 10 1803
System specifications: NVidia GTX 1050, Intel I7 8650U


Like I said in the other thread, I believe having two players with the same license is going to cause issues. Even if you’re not running Steam, the license identifier is pulled from Social Club. I believe you will have issues with this.


Thanks again.
Does that mean the server I choose in the server list is checking my license?
Because as I said, I can run two instances of FiveM at the same time when choosing different servers. Just when connecting to the same server, after everything is loaded, the second connection attempt produces this error.

My guess was that the game server is identifying players by their IP-address / mac id or something and because of that, the server declines my second connection attempt. It would make sense because he can’t handle two connections with the same id.

Your input would mean that either this identification is not the ip/mac but some license id, which would make sense more or less, or the server is checking the license just to check it once before connection, which wouldn’t make that much sense, would it? Why wouldn’t the main server check the license, wouldn’t that be more save?


So it actually depends on the server. Most use the Steam identifier (ESX does this), and several use the license. I’m not sure what FiveM does in the background for account validation, it may also do something with the licenses. You can get client IP addresses from the server, but this isn’t a really reliable way to identify someone since IP addresses can and do change.

Servers use identifiers for loads of things beyond just authentication, like storing information in databases, etc.


If I set up my own server, can I configure id method to be something that would work in my case?

If I bought a second license, how would fiveM know to use the second license for the second instance?


It’s plausible that %appdata%\citizenfx\ros_id.dat is still being read from the host filesystem, if it has ran FiveM before.

This particular error is induced by rline session code, not directly related to any construct implemented by FiveM.

Your file system virtualization software should re-instance this directory for each sandbox instance.


Thank you very much hydrogen, this sounds very interesting.

Sorry if I have to ask, I don’t understand what to do yet.

Are you talking about a setting inside Sandboxie to make it virtualize %appdata%\citizenfx\ros_id.dat?
Or do I need external software for that?

Thank you very much once more, your reply made me hope again that what I try to achieve is doable :slight_smile:


This might automatically happen if you delete it from the host filesystem before launching a FiveM instance in there.


Thank you very much.

So I tried the following:

  • Delete %appdata%\citizenfx\ros_id.dat
  • Launch fiveM using Sandboxie and connect to the server
    You seem to be right, the file doesn’t get created again. So it seems to be created in the virtual file system
  • Launch fiveM without Sandboxie
    Here %appdata%\citizenfx\ros_id.dat is created again
    After connecting to the same server it’s loading and I get the same error as before.

Here is my logfile:
CitizenFX.log (55.7 KB)

I noticed that I get the ingame message “Tobi.laut left” on the first instance, I don’t know if this was there before the %appdata%\citizenfx\ros_id.dat trick.


I noticed one thing that could may be helpful.
As I said in my last response the ingame message “Tobi.laut left” appears when connecting with the second instance. I noticed that when connecting with any of the two instances the name displayed there is the same. On some servers the name is even shown when I open the menu:

The name doesn’t change, no matter which name I set in the fiveM menu.

Could this be causing the problem? I’m not sure where this name comes from, the only explanation I have is that it’s the first part of my social club email address.

If this could be the problem, is there something I can do about this?


Does noone have any idea left what I could try?
Is there something I could change in the code to make it work and run my own sever?

Any help would be really appreciated, I really want to do this, would be a dream come true for me. I already searched for weeks and I have the feeling my goal is near when I solved this connection issue


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