Connected to the same server but in a different session?


Me and my friend are trying this out and at first it worked. Then we both added the FOV mod and OpenInteriors we could both connect to the server but we couldn’t see each other in the scoreboard.

We do have the mod menu and that worked for some time.

I’ve tried restarting both client and server, I restarted my computer. We both removed the mods from our games but we still can’t see each other. It’s almost like we are in the same server but on different worlds.


I have had this happen once before, don’t know why it happened.

As soon as I disconnected though, my friend got the notification that I had left the session so I was obviously in it.


I believe it happens when 2 people connect at once. So try wait before joining. Not sure tho.


Will try this and will report back if it works or not. If it does maybe put this up as a notice or something? It might be in a FAQ but I couldn’t be bothered finding one (it was 5 in the morning when I made the thread).