[Coming] FiveM Blimp


After me and @dandaginger_123 discussed a FiveM vehicle in some forum. I’m going to make a legendary FiveM Blimp :mascot:

Anyone have recommendations for it. FiveMy stuff? Of course it will have the logo and snail :mascot:


Huge fucking snail, along with ALL the elements names faded into the background to make it look fucking awesome. Put the Mod’s on there somewhere? ( Make @shayan_doust’s name really small kthx :smiley: )


Hahaha lol. Blue faded names with elements and orange for mods and have half of @shayan_doust 's name behind the :snail: ???


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh :face_vomiting: Android Auto corrected the word snail to that. :face_vomiting:


No shayan needs to be noticed. Maybe the snail is eating shayan?


Any love for discord external contributors? c:


i really dont care, if you want it, go for it xD


I’m making this now :slight_smile:


This is going to be interesting… :thinking:


Part done. Just gotta fix some things Its got most of the elements




This was not what I was expecting hahahaha I mean, it’s unique. Ima have to get on my photoshop game and have a go.


This is what I skinned it as but it fucked up


Can I ask why @Vespura Doesn’t have external in front of his moderator tag?


that’s what is says in the group on the forums



That’s strange…


yeah it is but idk. its the forums




Looking at those screenshots made me Cum a little.


I have no clue either…