Colorado Related Departmets -- Pueblo | Recruiting Class #001


Now Recruiting for the Class of #001 of the Pueblo Police Department

Recruitment States:

  • Take a P.O.S.T. Class to get familiar with Colorado Law ( One Week | Used in-game a lot )
  • In-Game Training (Can be up to 5 days to get familar with PPD Role)
  • Actual Procedure


  • ELS
  • MDT Application ( In-Progress )
  • Civilian Spotting
  • Law Enforcement Spotting
  • No Blacklist
  • Will be some whitelisting

Please note that this recruit notice is the first step towards acceptance into PPD/CODOJ
There will be applications for POLICE spotting however, civs are basic and understandable.

As we note, there is no messing around of any kind. Civs are different – following all rules as well.

As for the police force, no toleration.

This is meant to be extremely serious. But there is always fun. ALWAYS!!

If you are interested, please visit the Discord below and message the Owner or the Co-Owner and we will set you up.

Please mention your name, age, experience, & state which department you look forward to joining. However, we must note that we all will start out as Civilians.


Have a wonderful day!