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Code 9 Gaming Roleplay
Est. Janurary 2018


Code 9 Gaming Roleplay Community has been serving the citizens of San Andreas since 2018. Here at C9G, we expect full dedication and integrity. Think you can survive here at code 9 gaming, well then you can go ahead and apply! If you think you are brave enough to survive the streets, then apply for our Law Enforcement agency’s! if you want something a bit less stressful, try out our civilian operations or even fire department! If you want to do something that doesn’t require you to do barely anything, try out for dispatch!


~Los Santos Police Department
~Los Santos County Fire Department
~Blaine County Sheriffs Department
~San Andreas Highway Patrol
~San Andreas Communications
~Civilian Operations


As of right now, we have only one server which is white listed. At this moment, we are not looking for another server to host we will only have a white list server for the time being.


~Dedicated Teamspeak Server
~Working hard development team
~Realistic Roleplay
~Postal Code (Server-Sided)
~Fuel Script
~Custom Fire Peds
~XBR410 Fire Vehicles
~M Menu

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We are now currently using teamspeak for our communications as it is most realistic. Discord will be continued to be used for communications off patrol and other stuff.


All screenshots

"Realism is Key"


Umm Who made those documents?


it’s “DOJ” based, so everything is exactly the same as DOJRP.


ladies and gentlemen, we got em




you are only allowed to bump 24 hours after the last reply.


Mhm, oh I just put “bump” as in a comment. Thought you were allowed to make replys. Sorry, won’t reply again!






Server bazaar rules and F.A.Q

  • Whenever bumping, try to provide information that is worth reading. Don’t just write things like: “daily bump post”. That gets annoying very quickly for visitors. Instead, try to include things like:
  • Latest community news . Anything important that has happened within your community that’s worth sharing?
  • Progress updates . What are you actively working on within your community that people can look forward to in the (near) future.
  • Screenshots/media . No I don’t mean dumping your screenshots folder in a post and making the post 5 million lines long so people have to hold the ‘page down’ key for 5 minutes to reach the bottom, but post a few screenshots showing off specific features about your community. This can also include videos or other media assets.


Mhm, there isn’t much to report and or screenshots. So that is why I just put “Bump”, maybe question it before demanding me to look at the rules and FAQ.


i never really demanded that you look at anything, i just suggested that you should follow the server bazaar rules, or your whole post could be removed by staff.


Yes, I do realise that. If there isn’t anything to really provide as there isn’t any real changes in the community other than the community developers are working on new scripts and vehicles.


if I was actually looking for a community I wouldnt join this community since theres “not much to report” or any screenshots. That just tells me the community or staff team are lazy and just post Bump everytime to bump the community. which doesnt work.


All the screenshots so far



There is no need to be arguing in someone elses topic, if they want to be a clone let them thats on them if they wanna be a copy cat.

With how many people that are irritated by the plenty of people doing it they will simply be ignored.

The way you got to look at this is, his replies and topic will be enough to see what sort of server this will or will not be.

If you got an issue take it to the pm’s and keep it clean.


Update: New modifications coming into our server.