Closed Community


Community closed after 2 Admins decided to screw the community over.


I am interested in this sir


@Vespura (sorry for bothering you)
Can you close or delete this topic? Thanks in advance.


Don’t you think that you also had some responsibility in screwing the community over by selecting those people as admins? And closing the community just because of bad community management is a very poor excuse. You could have removed them from the administrators and continued on.


Fair point. I do take responsibility, bad Idea to trust them. And as for continuing on, it was a small community so them as well as myself screwing over completely killed it

Plus I’m a bad leader, I can never really commit to anything which is the reason I more likely won’t be making another one, sorry for wasting your time.


Truthfully I just can’t find a reason to continue the community, I have yet to fully kill it, but there’s barely anyone I can trust, and I haven’t ever really made a full out public server. Nervous a little bit you know?