Christmas Map Mods!



How many of yall want to see some Christmas decorations throughout the map?

  • Me
  • Not Me

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Hey mate, im actually working on a Christmas map too ! I will release it, contact me if you want some informations about it or some help about yours ! Ty !


Alright Thank you! 20 Chars


Thanks to all 52 people who voted Yes! Therefore you can expect Christmas Map Mods over the next for the next few weeks! And for the people who voted no… Sure is a shame… I’m putting coal in your stocking this year! :sweat_smile::joy::sunglasses:



Looks Better With Snow On!


YAS! Please release this when you are done! It’s beautiful. I also love that you are planning ahead and not releasing it like 3 days before Christmas lol


Thank you so much! I will release more! Coming Soon!


I also may do like a Christmas Tree lot with a white picket fence around it too!


I also have a huge surprise, just stay tuned.


following :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:


Thank you! (20 Characters)


Whatsup! Have you released the map already?

Cheers Timo


Not yet, I’ve been really busy with IRL stuff and havent had time to finish it.


Cmon buddy! We all in the Christmas Spirit!!! Hungry to download :smiley: