Change Keys For Turn Signals



I want to change the keys for turn signals and I don’t know how also how do you disable them on the controller when ever I turn off the radio or turn on the head lights the turn signals come on.


This is not a technical problem. It’s a coding (resource) question, which means your topic should be here:

Back to your question.

Search for



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Can you explain with more detail I don’t get it.


Actually I just figured out that turn signals are server side so I don’t think that you can change the controls I even took out all my plugins and they still worked so thanks guys but I don’t think you can change them.
P.S I could always be wrong feel free to tell me
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First you have to learn about resources. There is more than enough information on these forums and other places on the whole internet. Just search. When you learn about resources, then you will know where to find them and you will be able to search through them to find the code you want to edit (the one I mentioned in my first post).


I have a feeling he is not a staff member on the server and was asking if he could change a server side resource controls client side lol.


I have turn signals working…there is an error in the script…you just have to edit it…the rebinds work also…


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