Car Respawn after Restart

Hey Guys, can anyone help me?
We want when the server will be restarted that the cars stay at the postion where they were but every restart they will be deletet. ive tryed 2 scripts but they didnt work.
Thanks for help

What do you mean by ‘the cars stay at the position’ - you mean all cars… or just cars players own, or say just the cars at the dealership. A bit more info might help someone figure out if they know how to do what you want or not.

If u buy a car from the dealer and get it from the garage, if u disconnect the car disappear and is back in the garage. If u park it out and the server restarts same happened. I want that the out parked cars stay outside if they don’t get parked in

The reason for this is a GTA limitation. To do what you want… you would have to save the position of every vehicle in your SQL and spawn them with server start. Or save it in the config client side and have each person spawn the car they own when they come into the server. The second way could cause issue if someone is parked where they were last parked when the server restarted.

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