Car parts


anyone knows how to install the car parts skins ?

like front bumpers and spoilers and such?


@prefex you need to pull out (can through openiv)


@prefex of .rpf pull out and throw in the stream folder


i made 2 topics for this right here and here


@SHHADA your cars do not streaming


@Kaka_kz i know, but he/you didn’t mention streaming. just wanted to help out


@SHHADA Aren’t they both regarding clientside mods?


@alfieengland yes they are.


@SHHADA Are you able to do one about server streaming if you know how, I am having trouble with it, only one car/mod has worked for me so far (Jester - Honda NSX), I’m wondering if there needs to be some form of subfolder structure other than having everything in the Stream folder maybe?


@alfieengland once i know how to properly do it and make it work 100% i will make a tutorial


@SHHADA Awesome, thanks :smile:

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