Cant spawn as aggressive animal



Hello, ive been using a ZAP hosted fivem server for me and my friends for almost 3 weeks now.
As you know, some animals in GTA V dont have attacks such as cats and cows. if we use VMENU to change our model to “a_c_cow” we can all see it and role play with that creature in the world.
We can also spawn it using /spawnped a_c_cow.

However, for aggressive or attacking animals (excluding the boar and coyote and some small dogs)
They’re visible to us but not to anyone else. We cant appear as cougars yet we can still attack players albeit invisible for them, we cant be tiger sharks and we cant become most dogs.

However, they all spawn in the wild and are visible to everyone, they can be spawned manually using the same command as i mentioned earlier and they are still active and visible.
// peds react to cougars that are invisible to players too.

I’ve searched the forum for references, looked into Vmenu’s config etc.
We have ESX installed and several other resources however it never actually worked. It was one of the first things we tried. It could be ESX as that was installed before we tried it.
Is anyone else having this issue or can help? i’d be grateful.


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Invisible attack animals though… what can be more terrifying than that :thinking:

Try calling SetPedDefaultComponentVariation after you spawn

I don’t know why, I had issues with MP freemode peds as well where they would be invisible unless I called this sometimes.


If you change the color of the animal it should show up. I had this problem on an old server I used to RP on. When we changed animal textures it shows up.


Try opening vMenu and selecting the ped, then go to player apperence and click enter on “Head” then choose the skin you would like.

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