Cant see my "OTHER" server at FiveM Server list.[Solved]


So im running 2 servers exactly same configs, just a different name and ip offc.
First server is at my own pc (NAT on) just opened ports from router and firewall. (This is the server that i can see at list)
Other server is running at vServer, ports are open, no ddos protection all should be fine but no… cant see the server at list.

So my question is… is anyone else using vServer and do you have problems with it ? Any ideas how to fix this problem?


What’s the server name of the server that you can’t see? After powering on the server, how long do you wait? because sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes before it shows up.


-------- i cant see (been up over 1hour)

--------- i can see. (been up over 1hour)


What’s the server ip + port? Just making sure the port is open.



Alright the port is open, because and work fine. Have you tried rebooting the vServer and the fxserver?
Also can you share your server.cfg file?


Looks like your servers are now both showing up in the server list.

Edit: Assuming this issue is fixed since both servers now show up in the list, so I’m marking this topic as solved.


Seems like it. Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:


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