Can't get server license key from ""



When I finished the page form, click “Generate” is no response, just browser display "Load page ". this happened in my IE Edge and Chrome browser.

Pls, help.


Have you tried again since posting this, and does it still apply?


I tried, but it’s still the same. The same thing happened to the computer in the other place a few hours ago.

Is the problem related to network restrictions? (such as no access to Google)

If I use the Windows Linux subsystem to create a server do I need server License Key? The key is not prompted on the “Running fxserver” page.


for any type of server you’ll need to have a license key. Only servers rented from ZAP won’t require a license key.


There is a google captcha on that page so if you can’t access any of google’s services then I assume you won’t be able to complete the captcha.


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