Can't enter vehicle until the bugged client disconnect


Hey everyone,

Sometimes when you leave a car and then go back, you and your friend can’t enter it. Your character open the door and then freeze in front of it, other people that weren’t here in the first place might not even see the vehicle. The only way to make it work again is to disconnect and sometimes when one of us disconnect the car work again and other people see it reappear.

Is it a known things ? is there any fix ?
Thanks a lot and have a nice day.


This doesn’t sound like a valid bug. Got any more information on reproducibility?


i’m having it multiple times a day and can’t understand it, i’m having it when there is multiple players on the server, it seems to happen a lot more when you are multiple players inside the same vehicle.

at first I thought it was because we were too far from the car but, yesterday i switched seat with my friend to let him drive and it happened so this have nothing to do with distance.


I’m guessing it has to do with a script on the server that handles and syncs locking and unlocking of vehicles. As I made my script that handles vehicle doors, I ran into similar issues.


Alright, i’ll try this thanks.


I actually have seen this in vanilla servers, though clients had Lambda and the Simple Trainer installed, not sure if that is a problem. The pattern I am focused on is when the server decides a new arbitrator by votes who happens to have poor ping (usually by living far away from the server’s hosted location).

Another issue (Similar but different) I am trying to look into if anyone has already solved is when in a server with vsync if NPCs, Vehicles, and such start bugging out, meaning they freeze frame every few seconds, then teleport to where they should be a second or two later, then repeat.

I think it is some sort of syncing issue, I am testing by adding and pulling scripts one at a time, because this issue is either due to the newest FiveM update (Doubt it) or vsync, essential mode (and es_admin resource), or possible one of the other recent server resources.

For this issue with players freezing in front of doors, the only fix I ever found was deleting the vehicle (With such a script) then respawning it, sometimes each player needs to toggle ragdoll just to sync themselves too (Cause or else they slenderman around) before entering a vehicle, but even then it isn’t a 100% solution.



I’ve noticed same problem on my server. It seems t doesn’t matter what client disconnects tho, but one has to.