Can i play FiveM without have Gta 5 on steam?


I want to buy gta 5 from g2a but is not steam version and i want to play fivem. IT works?


You can play fivem without having GTA 5 on steam as long as you actually buy it you will be good to go.

When you install the game from rockstar and you install FiveM it will ask you to login to your rockstar account. Once you login you are good to play.




Everything you just said is entirely irrelevant.

Yes, you can use FiveM on Social Club, CD, or Steam versions of GTAV, not cracked versions, however.


I have never gotten that response I have gta 5 but I am never able to login to my social club account I can’t even run FiveM cause I can’t find the updated version of FiveM at all


What? you simply install FiveM and it will update itself… no idea what you mean by cant find the updated version unless your game is cracked and its not updated?.

If you cant log into your social club account then its and issue on your end.


I was curious cause FiveM won’t install