Can I bookmark a Unlisted Server (Via. Direct Connect)


Current I believe
i3, 1050 TI 16 Gb Ram
Trying to figure out how to bookmark a private server.

Also, add what you already tried so far.
Looked around google, no help.

– What I’m trying to do –

I play on a un-listed sever on five M, and every time I want to play I must manually type in the address. It gets redundant after awhile and I would like to just hit connect or something. Is this possible?


Favorites exist for this exact purpose.

Go to your installation location (be it in appdata or a custom location). Open up favorites.json. If it’s empty add the following: ["IP_GOES_HERE"]. If it’s not empty, add the IP like ["IP_1", "IP_2", "IP_3"].

Now, the server should show up in the favorites tab.


Thanks! I just tried this however it dose not display the server under “favorites” tab.

Not sure if this changes things, but the server is unlisted from being announced.


I wondered the same thing before, and did the same method @Havoc mentioned. I never got it to work.


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