Cad/mdt n/a


NOT AVAILABLE, CAD/MDT working on this more when I get time


Neat. Is this for a community or prelude to a release.


This is NOT an advertisement. Moved to #development:scripts please refrain from posting in the wrong cstegory next time.


To release soon. Once I finish it


I’ve been working on one myself, while through much humbler means in bubble. I’d be interested to see what you put in this one, I’ve been finding it hard to come up with ideas of what to include.

#6 just signup here It’s synced with a community I am helping with. But yeah I am a web developer and being nice to help :wink:


Oh, nice. Neat, I’ll check that out when I wake up, cool.




Great job on making it responsive! +1 For that thats for sure dont see many people doing that and it just looks cleaner when it flows together.


Looks neat, you planning on releasing it?


When will this be available?